Tributify Discord Bot

Unleash the power of Tributify in your sever! 🎁💸

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STEP 1. Invite the bot to your server.

STEP 2. Tell the creators in your server to create an account on

STEP 3. Tell them to go to their account settings on Tributify and connect a Stripe account and their Discord account.

STEP 4. Creators can now receive gifts, get their bills adopted, accept tips, & more right within your server!


As a server admin, here are the commands you can use:

Server admins can enable announcements for when creators add new items to their wishlists! Announcements can be enabled for new gifts, reimbursements, bills, & crowdfunds. Server admins can also specify what channel each type of item will be announced in. They can all be announced in the same channel, or you can announce each type of item in separate channels.

New item announcements will include the creator name, item type, item photo, item title, item price, and a purchase button.

/announce Item Type #channel

Server admins can also enable announcements for whenever a gift or reimbursement is purchased, a bill is adopted, a crowdfund is contributed to, or a tip is sent! Server admins can also specify which channel sales are announced in.

/announce Sales #channel

Server admins can disable announcements for above channels, simply by skipping the #channel in the same /announce command.

/announce Gifts


Here are the commands that creators in your server can use:

If the server admin has enabled new item announcements, creators can enable or disable the announcements for their own wishlists.

Note: Each creator can only announce their new items in one single server at a time.

/notify enabled or disabled


Here are the commands that fans in your server can use:

Fans can send tips to any creator in the server!

/tip @user amount
/tribute @user amount anonymity

Fans can send a coffee gift to any creator in the server for $8 USD!

/buy-coffee @user

Fans can generate a list of any creators bills, and click a bill to adopt it.

/bills @user

Note: Creators can also use the /bills command without the @user attribute to generate a list of their own bills.


Here are the commands that anyone in your server can use:

Anyone in the server can find out a user's wishlist url!

/wishlist @user

Anyone in the server can generate a leaderboard to see either the top creators or top fans of the server!

/leaderboard creators or fans


The bot also offers some fun games to play in the server:

Gift Roulette is a game where fans can roll and get a result that is a random gift from a random creator - or a random gift from a specific creator! The gift roulette result will have all of the gift info, as well as a purchase button.

Admins must add creators to the Gift Roulette game rotation via the following command:

/roulette-player-add @user

Admins can also remove creators from the Gift Roulette game rotation via this command:

/roulette-player-remove userID

Fans can use the following command to get a result containing a random gift from a random creator.


Fans can also specify which creators wishlist they want the random gift to be pulled from.

/roulette-roll @user

Fans can also specify a max amount they want to spend on the gift, and the random gift will not cost more than that amount.

/roulette-roll max amount

Fans can also combine both of these attribute like so:

/roulette-roll @user max amount

Make it easy, safe, & fun for fans to support creators in your server! ✨

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